Friday, 15 December 2006

Two bombs exploded in Zahedan

Balochistan People’s Front
Reza Hossein Borr

Zahedan, Baluchistan, Iran, 15 December -- two bombs exploded in Zahedan last night causing some damages but no causality was reported. The first bomb blast happened about 10 o'clock in the evening in front of the building of governor of Baluchistan. The other one exploded few minutes later near Baluchistan University. Jondollah of Baluchistan has taken officially the responsibility for these explosions

This is the first time that two bombs of this nature have been used to in Baluchistan. The people who witnessed the explosions claimed the target was the governor and other top officials of Baluchistan who had a meeting in the governor’s office to discuss the elections that began today.

One source which is close to the Jondollah of Baluchistan said that the objective of these explosions was to disrupt the process of fraudulent ongoing elections and deter the government from further oppressing Baluch people. Some reports indicate that 240 Baluch people have been hanged in public or shot dead in the streets in the last six months. Not even one single official has been arrested for these killing. Consequently the Jondollah organization of Iran decided to take some preventative measures to stop further killing of the Baloch people.

It is not yet clear that the plan was to target the governor and other top officials of Baluchistan when they left the building. If that was the plan the bombs exploded earlier and did not cause any harm. Another source which is close to Baluch fighters said that the objective of the explosions was to warn the Iranian government that they had the ability to act at any time they wanted to use different methods of resistance. The aim of these explosions was not to kill or destroy but to warn.

There are 100 armed groups in Baluchistan who are fighting for their basic human rights that have been violated since the beginning of the revolution. The Baluch people are Sunnis and the Shia government of Iran has officially denied them any participation in running their own affairs in Baluchistan. There are three million Sunni Baluch in Iran and there has not been even one Baolch minister, governor, ambassador, general or any other top official since the revolution. According to consecutive United Nations reports Baluchistan is the poorest province in Iran. The Baluch people believe that the Iranian regime has deliberately decided to impoverish them and force them out of their land. To maintain their identity and land the Baluch people have begun widespread civil and armed campaign against regime.

Balochistan People’s Front , email:
Reza Hossein Borr

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Ansa said...

Great, there is need of proper website on Iranian Controlled Balochistan.
This should be in English, French, Swedish, Arabic and balochi to give indepth understanding to the world about 12 Million Baloch people and their sufferings by Poki and Persian regimes.