Wednesday, 20 December 2006

The split in the Kurdish Democratic Party is good news for the Iranian regime

Baluchistan People's Front

The split in the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran only benefits the Iranian regime

The news of split in the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran was good news for the Iranian government but sad news for everybody who was hoping for the success of efforts of many Iranians who were trying to form a grand coalition of Iranian opposition parties and organizations. This split also happened at a time that the Kurdish organizations had already begun a wide range of talks with different Kurdish groups to bring together all Kurdish forces.

The Iranian regime has received a lot of good news recently: Baluchistan United Front was split, its Iranian opposition is divided, its enemies in Europe are divided, and its enemies in the Middle East are divided too. Consequently the Iranian regime seems very established inside Iran and has become a major power in the Middle East as a result of ineffectiveness of its enemies.

The main reason for the continuity of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not its performance and competence but the discord and the division among its opposition. From this split, as other splits in different organizations including the disintegration of Baluchistan United Front, only our common enemy will be pleased. It is true that the Iranian government has invested large amount of money to create divisions and discord among its opposition but why the opposition groups are not awakening to this reality that their victory depends on their union and unity.

The Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran is one of the oldest and possibly the largest political set-up in Iran. It has gone through many ups and downs in its history but it has been able to reproduce itself each time stronger than before. There is no doubt that this time it will survive but the cost will be uncertain delays in the creation of a grand coalition of Kurdish forces as well as the enlargement of the Congress of Iranian Nationalities.

This split came at a time that nobody expected. In the last meeting of the Congress of Iranian Nationalities in Sweden, there was talk of forming a great coalition of all political forces in Kurdistan. What we didn't know was the invisible hands that were trying to split the most important Kurdish political group.

I don't know how Kurdish people will be able to succeed in their campaign for their rights if they continue to get divided into smaller groups and fight against each other. In the armed clashes between Komola and the Kurdish Democratic Party about 500 Kurds were killed after the revolution. Now these two groups are working together in the Congress of Iranian Nationalities but the lives are lost. One strategy the Iranian regime has used since the beginning of the revolution was to use the resources, the people, the culture and traditions of each of the Iranian nationalities to create as much the division among them as possible. The Kurds must not fall in this trap.

The efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran for creating discord and division among its opposition is not new. When the Baluchistan United Front was formed, a lot of Baluch people who were disguised in Balochi nationalism used every bit of their energy to disintegrate it. Some members of the Baluchistan United Front played in their hands and the eventually it split. This split was conducive to its full disintegration. The only beneficiary was the Islamic Republic of Iran. Again the Islamic Republic of Iran used the Baluch people against the Baluch people to disintegrate their organization.

The splitting of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran is bad news for the Kurdish people and for everyone who hoped for the formation of a coalition that was capable of overthrowing the Iranian regime. Yet, the Congress of Iranian Nationalities is very keen to do whatever it can to repair the rift among the Kurdish people. We also are keen to see the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran to be as active in promoting the interests of Iranian and Kurdish people as before. We continue to work with the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran in the Congress of Iranian Nationalities to establish a democratic, secular and federal system in Iran.

We, the executive committee of Baluchistan People's Front, express our deep concerns about this split. We also believe it is time for all of us to unite and form a great coalition that is capable of establishing a new system in which every Iranian participates fully in the building of his town, province and country.

Baluchistan People's Front

Reza Hsoosein Borr

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