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Iran is the final winner in the Middle East

Balochistan Peoples Front
Reza Hossein Borr

Iran is the final winner in the Middle East

Winning partly depends on how much strength or force you have, but mostly it depends on how much strength or power your opponent does not have. It is also true that resources, equipments and number of troops are not the only factors of winning a war. The wars are mostly won or lost because of tactics and strategies used in the war. Conduct of the war is more important than every other single factor that is required to knock down the opponent.

When the Americans decided to remove the Taleban from Afghanistan the main winner was Iran. The United States of America and its allies used their resources and armies to remove the Taleban, the main enemies of Iran, and bring in power the main allies of Iran. Iran became the winner of Afghanistan's civil wars and turmoil before and after Taleban at the cost of US. The Iranian regime supported nominally the new government of Afghanistan headed by Karzai but secretively assisted financially and militarily Taleban, Hekmatyar and many Islamic militants in Afghanistan. A democratic, successful, stable Afghanistan cannot be in favour and interests of the Iranian regime. A failed state with warring factions that destroy their country and each other is in the best interests of the Iranian regime; not a stable, successful and peaceful Afghanistan.

Whatever the situation in Afghanistan, Iran is the winner of Afghan civil wars. Iran understands that it needs to be needed by other people and countries; therefore it will be needed more when the people and countries fight each other. Stable and peaceful countries do not need Iran.

Iran was also the winner of the change of regime in Iraq. The United States of America invested about $300 million dollars to remove Saddam Hussein and bring into power the main allies and in fact, the agents of Iranian regime. Iran had fought for eight years with Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein and bring into power the same groups that America brought to power. What a better win than this? One of your enemies overthrows another of your enemies and gives the power to your friends.

A successful, stable and democratic Iraq is not definitely in the interest of Iranian regime which is a totalitarian, fundamentalist regime. A secular system in Iraq is against the totality of Iranian regime and must never be successful in that country. However when it came to the change of regime in Iraq, the Iranian government fully co-operated with the Americans and other countries. They had already prepared an alternative while the Americans did not have an alternative for Saddam.

Now it has been established that Iran has more power and influence in Iraq than any other country. The big question is how Iran can have more influence in Iraq while America has more than 100,000 troops and Britain about 15,000 troops in Iraq? The increase of influence of Iranian regime in Iraq is something that has confused a lot of analysts and politicians.

How Iran becomes the winner of any war that America undertakes?

And now it is Lebanon. The winner of Lebanese change of regime or civil war will be definitely Iran. The Hezbollah of Lebanon is an exact copy of Hezbollah of Iran. It has been formed, led and financed by Iran. This has been well established by reliable sources. Now, how Iran will be the winner in Lebanon?

First of all the Hezbollah is not looking for the change of government but it is looking for the change of regime. The Hezbollah is seeking to change the political structure. It is seeking to establish a new regime which is totally dominated by the Iranian ideology of an Islamic state although there are different religious over there. The structure of the future regime will be a revolutionary structure that will enable Hezbollah to engage in ethnic cleansing and forcing the Sunnis and a large number of Christians to leave Lebanon for other countries.

Aljazeera English Channel reported that there are 1.8 million refugees from Iraq. It is not yet established what percentage of these refugees are Shias or Sunnis. But it is clear that the majority of these refugees must be Sunnis. So how Iran will benefit from producing Sunni refugees? The first benefit is that the Shias will have more majorities in Iraq and the number of the Sunnis will be substantially reduced. The second benefit comes from the Shia refugees in the Arab world that will be used later by the Iranian government to act as their agents wherever they are.

The new waves of refugees that will be generated in Lebanon will serve the same purpose. As the civil war develops and widens a large number of Christians will leave their country and take refuge in European countries. The Sunnis of Lebanon would migrate to Arab countries. The Iranian regime will force Hezbollah of Lebanon to continue the civil war until there is a clear majority of Shias in the country. When the Hezbollah forms the new regime, it will be very easy for them to import Iraqi Shias, Iranian Shias and other Shias from other countries and give them Lebanese identity card to generate a viable majority.

Now the big question is how Iran has won in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon?

The Iranian regime has a very clever and complicated strategy of convergence of interests with its enemies. The Iranian regime has been able to clearly understand the interests of the United States of America in Afghanistan and Iraq and change its own interests to become very compatible with the interests of the West. It is the convergence of interests of Iran and US that has enabled the Iranian government to win in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran has achieved its interests and outcomes through American wars and resources.

Iran has been the only winner of American wars.

It will be the same in Lebanon. If the Arab governments maintain their present inaction policies and wait for America or the West to save the Lebanese government, they will make a deadly mistake and will enable Iran to be the winner again. It is not the strength and the force of Iran that has made it the winner in these countries, but rather it has been the inability of the West and Arab world in realising and understanding the secret agenda and intentions of the Iranian government that have been disguised in the interests of the Arabs and the West.

The Iranian regime has been able not only to use the Western values, monies, armies and resources to achieve its own gaols but it has been able to use all Western resource against them.

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