Saturday, 17 February 2007

Mosaheba Hossein Borr Baa sedaye Amrica 18 FEB

I have an interview with the Voice of America TV on 18 Feb 2007, Sunday at 3.3 London time and 4.30 European time about the latest developments in Balochistan.

Man rouz yakshanbeh 29 Bahman, saat 3.3 be waght London, 4.30 be waght uroupa , ba sedaye America TV

Reza Hossein Borr

Friday, 16 February 2007

Mosaheba Hossein Borr ba Dr Nourizadeh

I had an interview with Dr Nourizadeh on Channel one TV on Thursday, 15 Feb 2007 about recent developments on Balochistan.
The link is bellow.

Man baa nourizadeh rouz 5shanbeh mosahba dashton.

پنجره اي رو به خانه پدري
كانال يك
پنج شنبه ۱۵/۲/۲۰۰۷
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Reza Hossein Borr

Reza Hossein Borr

Thursday, 15 February 2007

interview with Reza Hossein Borr

I have an interview with Dr Nourizadeh, Channel one TV, at 5.30, today 15 February, 2007.

Reza Hossein Borr