Thursday, 14 December 2006

A New vision for Baluchistan, Iran

Reza Hossein Borr

Baluchistan Peoples Front
Baluchistan United Front

A New vision for Baluchistan, Iran

We are literally bound by nothing, except our thoughts.

We are striving to make Balocistan and Iran the lands of excellence and accomplishments, law and liberty, the land of success and opportunity, the land of stability and security, the land of wisdom and rationality, the land of honour and humanity, the land of peace and prosperity, the land of harmony and happiness thru a democratic, secular and federal system.

We intend to make Iran a land to which everybody wants to belong.

Mission Statement
We are determined to campaign relentlessly to change the present regime, establish democracy, unleash unlimited human potentials and develop huge natural resources to maximize the welfare, well being and security of Iranian people.

Definition of our key values


Everything you see happening to you is the consequence of that which you are.

Iran is what we are and we are what Iran is. Our country is reflected in every one of us and every one of us reflects one part of our land. Iran has made us what we are and we have made Iran what it is. We as Iranians have produced Iran as it is.

Iran as it is, is in the most undesirable state and therefore, the Iranians are in the most undesirable states. Every where you look you can see poverty, discrimination, bloodshed, violence, prostitution, drug addiction, crime, revenge, humiliation, conspiracy and misery. All these things have been produced by us as Iranians and as Iranians, we must commit ourselves to eradicate them and replace the values and principles that are suggested in this vision.

All these things have happened to us because of what we are and who we are. If we want better things to happen to us, we have to change what we are and who we are. These miseries will continue to happen to us until we decide vigorously to change what we are and who we are. The first condition for changing what we are is to decide that we don't want to be what we are.

To change what we are and who we are, we have to adopt new principles and values that rebuild and remould our composition and make-up. When these values and principles are adapted and integrated in our beings, would we be able to attract new great and excellent achievements.

Remember We Are Conditioned To Believe That these are Impossible but the Japanese applied them in their lives and they became the second greatest economy in the world; the Chinese, Indians, the South Koreans and Taiwanese also applied them in their lives, in their systems, in their cultures and in their governments and now they are enjoying a high level of prosperity, peace, security and stability.

As Benjamin Disraeli, the former British Prime Minister said, "Nurture your mind with great thoughts for you will never go any higher than you think."


Excellence is about achieving the best. It is a state of mind in which your thoughts, your talks and your behaviours and actions generate excellent outcomes within your abilities. Your abilities are unlimited and therefore, the quality of your excellence is also unlimited too. You have achieved excellence when other people, as judges, look at what you have done and say, "well done, it couldn't have been done better." The process of generating this state of excellence in your mind and in your life begins at looking at those whose state of excellence have generated extra- ordinary achievements.


It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
Accomplishment is about focusing on performance. Great accomplishments are the products of peak performance. Whatever you do must be accomplished well and exceed expectations. I know that the greatness of my nation, my people and my country depends on me. I commit myself to think big, plan well and set great goals in order to accomplish great tasks.

In order to communicate a common understanding to everybody who is interested in this vision we define the key words in the following terms.


Law means rules and regulations and acts passed by the Iranian parliament, international agencies and UN. The new Iranian constitution shall be compatible with the United Nations charters and its conventions. These laws will define the relationship between citizens. All citizens have equal rights. Nobody is above law and the rule of the law is the supreme value of the nation.

I commit myself to observe all the laws, rules and regulations of the nation. I guarantee that the new constitution and the new laws are observed and carried out by all institutions of the state.

My family and I are equal to every other citizen in the eyes of the constitution. I pledge that my family will not expect any favourable treatment.


Liberty means freedom.

Liberty is the state of being free within the society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behaviour and political views. It also means the power or scope to act as one pleases and pursues his or her own interests and preferences. Freedom is my highest political value.

Our country has been in the search of liberty for many decades. I would strive to institutionalise this value to make sure that liberty will become an integral part of Iranian Society. I will do my best to establish liberty in my country and encourage everybody else to accept it and apply it in their lives and fight for it if the need arises.

Liberty must be considered as the highest political value in Iran and shall be defended by every single Iranian.

Liberty also means the freedom of press, political parties, social and cultural societies and institution, freedom of elections, freedom of religion, opinions and freedom of choice.

I shall strive to guarantee these freedoms, as they are known in India, Western Europe and USA.

Success means the accomplishment of an aim or objective. Our land must be the land of accomplishments and achievements by all Iranians.

A country is measured by its collective achievement and therefore, our country shall be measured by the collective accomplishments of all Iranians. It is the collective success of all Iranians that guarantees prosperity for all.

I would strive to create conditions in Iran in which success becomes available to all. I will do my best to prevent political, social, cultural, economic, ethnic, and religious discrimination.

I will fight against discrimination of any kind and I would invite all Iranians to unleash their best potentials to achieve the best for themselves and for their country.


Opportunity means a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something or achieve something.

Other land must be the land of opportunity is for all citizens regardless of their colour, religion, race and background.

I shall strive to create such circumstances in which achieving an objective becomes available to all Iranians.

I will guarantee that they will be the quality of opportunity for all. No discrimination shall be accepted by anybody.

Stability must be considered as the most important social value of our country. Stability means smooth running of the affair and peaceful evolution of developments.

Our people need to plan for short and long-term visions and objectives. Our governments need to plan in stable conditions to ensure the continuity. Only stability can ensure the implementation and realisation of our other values and therefore, stability must be given top priority when we formulate rules, regulations, constitution and long-term planning.

I shall strive to promote stability as one of my major value in myself and in the whole country. I'd invite all Iranians to contribute to the stability of the country after a democratic government and system has been established in Iran.

Security means being free from any threat and danger that may be inflicted by governmental institutions and individual intrusions.
Security is the most important psychological demand of Iranian people. They have felt insecure for more than two decades now.

I guarantee to establish security for all Iranians regardless of their political, religious, social and racial backgrounds. I understand the importance of security for the well-being of Iranian people. Without security political freedom, economic progress, social stability and peace of mind will not be achieved and our objectives and visions will not be realised, and therefore, I urge all Iranians to fight anybody and any institution that may undermine the security of our nation, our country, and our citizens.


Wisdom means the collective knowledge and principles that have been developed within Iranian Society on the basis of sound actions, reasonable judgments and constructive decisions.

I shall strive to promote wisdom as it is defined here. I shall encourage all Iranian people to embrace sound actions, reasonable judgments and constructive decisions. In the age of wisdom and technology we need a new understanding of our culture and our world so that we constructively engage in national, regional and international affairs.


Rationality means a way of thinking which is based on reason and logic. It is to enable the person to think clearly, sensibly and logically.

Our nation needs to rethink rationally her way of perceiving internal and external interactions. This perception shall be based on logic, reason and wisdom. Only a rational way of perception can bring a new productive approach towards our culture and value was.

I shall strive to construct a rational approach and I shall strive to encourage all Iranian people to build their principles and value systems on rational understandings.


Honour means high respect and esteem for oneself and for other people. It is a set of principles that defines the relationship among all citizens. Honour means distinguishing between right and wrong and adhering to the right principles.

I shall strive to honour all my promises and endeavour to fight against the wrongdoings of all citizens and institutions. I shall encourage all my fellow countrymen to treat each other with honour and respect.

Our individual and collective honour has been deeply damaged during the last few decades and therefore, we shall do our best to restore our honour, dignity, respect and positive and productive values.


Humanity means respecting human beings and principles of peaceful c0-existence among different human beings. Humanity means believing in human rights, human principles, and equality of opportunity and treatment for all human beings.

As a human being I shall strive to promote human rights in Iranian Society and endeavour to fight against any institution or anybody who may violate human rights.

In this regard I shall promise that I want everything for other people that I want for myself and for my family and I shall treat every human being with equal fairness.


Peace means being free from disturbance, war, violence and violent conflicts. It also means tranquillity, mutual understanding and agree to disagree peacefully on different issues.

Our nation and people have suffered too much from unnecessary conflicts, wars and violence of this century.

I understand that the peace of our nation has been undermined by continuous wars and violence imposed by the present regime on our people. I understand that all resources our nation has been wasted by these wars and conflicts. I understand that the violent regime of the Islamic Republic has inflicted unbearable blows to the heart and mind of our people and therefore I shall strive to bring peace in our country.

I shall endeavour to encourage all my countrymen to resolve their problems peacefully through dialogue and negotiations. When it is impossible to resolve the disputes through dialogue and negotiations the law will rule and say the last word.

Prosperity for all

Prosperity means being financially successful, and growing strong and healthy. Prosperity means providing material success for all Iranians in a way that everybody in our land shall have a decent life, enjoying free education and free health.

Prosperity means providing for those who cannot provide for themselves and giving the opportunity to everybody to maximise his material gains and satisfy his initial needs.

I will strive to promote a government that creates all the right conditions for the citizens to grow as much as they can and create as much wealth as they can legally and morally.

I will strive to promote social justice and endeavour to gradually establish a welfare state in which every citizen enjoys equal treatment and equal opportunity.


Happiness is a state of mind in which people enjoy life and exercise their our will to follow their own interests.

I understand that happiness is the most wanted value in our Society and therefore, I will strive to contribute effectively in the creation of a culture in which everybody values happiness and joy.

I realise that our nation has been denied the basic pleasures of life and freedom of choice. And therefore, I shall promote the idea of happiness in different forms and shapes and encourage my countrymen to go for positive and optimistic thinking.

I understand that our nation has been under tremendous pressure to abandon our old traditions for festival, music, dancing, social gatherings and hobbies.

I shall strive to promote any activity that brings happiness and joy to our people.


Harmony means social cohesion, cultural understanding, and alignment. Harmony also means working in teams and groups with the spirit of cooperation and coordination in order to bring economic prosperity and social stability.

I shall strive to harmonise different sections of Iranian people and prevent destructive conflicts and disruptions. I will encourage my fellow countrymen to promote harmony and prevent conflicts.

I promise to honour all these values and promote them at all times and defend them with my life.

I pledged that I do my best to create the best conditions for the Iranian people so that they attain a high level of prosperity, peace and happiness.

Guiding lights

To make sure that all Iranians promote these values I suggest the following guiding lights to define the terms of the contracts between different people, people and governments and different institutions.

The Guiding Lights of our organisation
I. I commit myself to promote openness within my life and my society.
2. I am determined to reward honesty.
3. I commit myself to reward somebody who is doing a job better-than-expected and completing it sooner than expected.
4. I commit myself to treat people equally regardless of their race, colour and gender.
5. I promise to listen to other people carefully and respect their views.
6. I care for other people the way I want to be taken care of.
7. Feedback is the break fast of champions. I welcome it, as I know it is going to enhance my own performance as well as the performance of other people.
8. I communicate my expectations to my colleagues and request solutions.
9. As a member of my Society I share my views with others and a expect others to share their views with me.
10. I share my knowledge with others and expect others to share their knowledge with me.
11. I am making myself approachable so that other people have the opportunity to communicate with me effectively.
12. I always ask myself, " Is there a better way of doing this?"
13. I always look for the best practice.
14. I keep myself always positive, especially in tough and challenging conditions.
15. As our nation's is thirsty for justice I do my best to understand their needs and meet them appropriately.
16. I encourage the spirit of teamwork and commit myself to do whatever it takes to become a reliable member of the team that I work with.
17. When my countrymen communicate their expectations of me, I respond to them positively and friendly as soon as I can.
18. I promise to be courteous and respectful to other people.
19. I walk my talk and live the vision to be a great example for the rest of my countrymen.
20. I hold myself accountable for what I do.
21. I commit myself to fulfil all my promises.

So help me God.

We are striving to make Iran the land of law and liberty, the land of success and opportunity, the land of stability and security, the land of wisdom and rationality, the land of honour and humanity, the land of peace and prosperity, the land of harmony and happiness.

These values are my most important values. They are the criteria that determine my behaviours. They are the foundations of my life.

Sometimes these values may create contradictions within one person. Whenever contradictions arise the most important value that is the liberty must be considered supreme. Liberty is our main value and we have to keep it in mind in whatever we do. Liberty can be best utilised when there is prosperity. Prosperity can be possible when there are stability and security. Stability and security will be only possible if there is rule of law. The rule of law can only be possible if every human being in Iran observes the rules and laws that have been passed by their elected legislative representatives.

Reza Hossein Borr

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