Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Ten members of the security forces of Iran were killed in Balochistan

Balochistan People's Front

Zahedan, Iran, 19 December 06- Ten members of the security forces of Iran were killed in Balochistan in an armed clash with the Jondollah Organization of Iran. The Jondollah organization of Iran announced in a statement that the clash happened in Mortan, Sarbaz, Iranshahr on 18 December 06.

This organization did not elaborate on how the armed conflict began but claimed that in a series of military operations which are called "empowerment two", initiated several attacks on the security forces. This is the second military operation by the Jondollah of Iran in the last few days. This organization took the responsibility for a bomb blast in front of the Governor's House in Zahedan on 14 December 06. The bomb exploded earlier than planned and consequently did not cause any causality.

In another statement that was issued by the Jondollah organization of Iran it was reported that one of their top commanders, Ahamad Dahmarda, was killed by the security forces located in this military base. There are numerous military bases in different parts of Baluchistan that control the transport and the movement of ordinary people which have resulted in economic slowdown of the province. According to the governmental sources there are more than 100,000 military forces of different kinds in Balochistan to control the Baluch people and yet, the military operations by Baluch militants occur on a weekly basis.

The Islamic Republic of Iran began the policy of intimidation in Baluchistan from the beginning of the revolution in order to force the Baluch people into subjugation and submission but the Baloch people initiated a counter-action policy of increasing their courage and boldness by fighting back and citing their rich legends of war and resistance.

The Jondollah organization of Iran also announced that it will organise several huge military operations in other provinces of Iran to deter the Iranian security forces from further arbitrary killings of the Baluch people. According to some reports 240 Baloch people have been either hanged in public or shot dead in different cities and villages of Baluchistan.

The Jondollah organization of Iran began its activities about four years ago with civil campaigning but some of its members were arrested and executed. This organization consequently began defending its members and organization using the same strategies that the Iranian government has used since the beginning of the revolution. This organization has also announced several times that if the Iranian government allows civil campaign in Baluchistan freely it would abandon all its arms and would become a civil organization but the Iranian government has increased its military operations in Baluchistan.

Balochistan People's Front

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