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Iran is manufacturing four civil wars in the Middle East

Reza Hossein Borr

Iran is manufacturing four civil wars in the Middle East

What is more costly? Change of regime in Iran or civil war in the Middle East?

The Iranian regime is manufacturing four civil wars in the Middle East now and some more in future to cause numerous deaths and the destruction of 100 years of achievements of the Arab world. A large part of the achievements of the Middle East were destroyed by the war between Iran and Iraq. According to Independent news paper the cost of war was estimated at $600 billon for Iran and about $400 billion for Iraq. Hashemi Rafsanjani, former Iranian President, estimated the cost of war at $1000 billion for Iran. Human causality was about one million deaths and injured for both sides.

The war sacked most of foreign reserves of all Arab States of the Gulf and Iran and forced them to borrow money from other countries.

Devastation of Iraq

The violence in Iraq has reached the point where many experts believe that it is a civil war. More than 100 people get killed every day. The killings are sectarian killings. The Shias of Iraq have been trained, financed and armed by the Iranian government to cleanse the Iraqi Sunnis from the major cities and force them out of their country so that the Shias will be the great majority of Iraq with a very small Sunni minority that could be controlled and subjugated very easily.

There are about two million Iraqi refugees, most of them Sunnis, whose homes and lands have been already taken over by the Shia militia. The new Iraqi army has been dominated by the Shias and there is no any chance for the Sunnis to match the power of the Shia as the full civil war becomes more imminent.

Nobody has a doubt that it is the Iranian regime who has manufactured violence in Iraq and it is directing it towards full civil war to create the right conditions for creating an Iraq that the Shias are in total control.

How much Iran is spending on Iraqi militia?

Iran is financing all Iraqi Shia militia. Nobody exactly knows the amount of money that Iranian government has invested for the destruction of Iraq and the elimination of Sunnis. Some experts believe that the cost of maintaining Mahdi Army is more than 100 million dollars a month. This is all paid by the Iranian government. As Ayatollah Hakim recently confessed in America all Iraqis have some sort of contact with the Iranian regime. The contact means getting training, equipment, technology, funds and political direction. It is estimated that the Iranian regime is spending something like $500 million dollars a month in Iraq to finance different political, cultural and militant groups.

The Americans are spending about $1 billion dollars a week to established law and order but they have failed completely. If you add the cost of maintaining other military forces of American allies in Iraq, the total cost of presence of USA, UK and other countries will exceed two billion dollars a week.

How much Iran is spending on Hezbollah?

The deputy leader of Hezbollah announced recently that his organization has received $300 million dollars from Iran to reconstruct the Shia parts of Lebanon, not other parts, which have been damaged during Israel-Hezbollah war. This amount does not include the cost of maintaining Hezbollah which is estimated at $600 million dollars a year. If you add the cost of present Hezbollah campaign against the Lebanese government it is estimated that the Iranian regime is investing something like 1 billion dollars a year for preparing the Hezbollah for a civil war which according to many analysts, is about to happen.

How much Iran is spending on Hamas?

There is a kind of civil war in Palestine too. Palestinian Prime Minister, Hania, said after his trip to Iran that Iran will give $250 million more dollars to Hamas. This is in addition to paying the salaries of 100,000 unemployed workers. If you calculate the salaries of 100, 000 unemployed workers at a rate of $1000 that will amount to something like $100 million dollars per month. The Iranian regime paid $50 million dollars to Hamas just few months ago.

What Iran is doing in Bahrain?

It has been reported that the Iranian government has formed and financed more than 24 Shia organizations in Bahrain. Each organization has been allocated one particular task but the overall objective of all of them is to overthrow the traditional government of Bahrain and install an Iranian style Islamic Republic. In the recent elections in Bahrain, the Shia coalition secured 23 seats of the parliament. Although they officially accepted the results of elections, they have now started a campaign for destabilising the system which is one of the most competent systems in the Arab world.

The Shia community always had a major share in political and economic power in Bahrain although the ruling family is Sunni. After the elections a Shia was appointed as the deputy Prime Minister and another one as the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. There are other Shia politicians in the government too. In spite of being part of the government, the Shia groups of Bahrain are following the same strategies that Hamas is implementing in Palestine and Hezbollah is carrying out in Lebanon.

The process of the destabilisation of Bahrain has begun. Al-Wefaq Islamic Society led by Chairman Ali Salman is playing the same role that the Hezbollah of Lebanon is playing.

According to consecutive reports of Transparency International, Bahrain is among the cleanest countries in the region. It is also one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East. It is obvious that the Iranian regime is manufacturing four civil wars in the region. As we see in Iraq, the cost of sectarian violence is devastating. If Palestine, Lebanon and Bahrain fall in the trap the Iranian government has planned for them, they face the same fate the Iraqis are facing now.

Who is causing the destruction?

The Iranian regime is manufacturing and financing these civil wars in the Middle East. How much destruction in Iraq, Palestine, Bahrain and Lebanon will be caused by the civil wars must be calculated in future. But if the cost has been so far 600,000 deaths, 2 million refugees and the destruction of thousands of homes and the infrastructure of Iraq, how much death and destruction will be made in the next two years, and in the next 5 years and so on?.

We will see very soon that the same death and destruction would happen in Palestine, Bahrain and Lebanon. Now it is evident that the Iranian regime has planned to destroy the achievements of 100 years of hard work of Arab people.

So what can you do with such a regime?

Would you wait until the Iranian regime causes more death and destruction or will you take action now to change the Iranian regime? Change of the Iranian regime is costly but only it costs about the expenses of two weeks of the allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The people and governments of the region must pay the cost of restoring prosperity and security in the Middle East. The others can not do for us what we can do for ourselves. Once we determine to go for it, the rest will follow.

Reza Hossein Borr is a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs.
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