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Unity government in Lebanon

Balochistan People’s Front

Reza Hosseinbor

Unity government in Lebanon

How about unity governments in Syria and Iran?

The Hezbollah-led rally in Lebanon is seeking to overthrow the present government which has been elected fairly and freely according to the constitution of Lebanon. Hezbollah claims it wants to bring in a unity government. Since the independence of Lebanon the structure of power has been based on ethnic power-sharing. Each major ethnic group has been allocated a top position according to the population of each ethnic gfoup.

The post of the president of Lebanon has been allocated to the Christians. The job of Prime Minister has been allocated to the Sunnis and the job of the speaker of the parliament has been allocated to the Shias. These arrangements have been made by the constitution of Lebanon and create a power-sharing structure which brings in power all different ethnic groups.

The Hezbollah of Lebanon that is claiming the leadership of majority of the Shias in Lebanon has been very satisfied with this arrangement for all its history. After its perceived victory in war with Israel it accumulated sufficient self-confidence through the support it got from Iran and Syria. It initially claimed a larger share in the government. After the assassination of Pierre Jamayel by Iranian and Syrian terrorist groups, the Hezbollah became even more confident as there was no any concrete and tangible counter actions by the Lebanese, Arab governments, and international community.

The Hezbollah in fact became stronger and bolder after a series of assassinations that were carried out against the critics of Syria and Iran. The Hezbollah and the Shias, Syria and Iran did not face any major problems even though everybody believes that they were behind all these assassinations. Iran and Syria were not only punished for killing so many of Lebanon's leaders, but they appeared stronger in the eyes of Arab masses, United States and Europe Union. Iran and Syria established themselves as the major political players in the Middle East through sponsoring terrorism, assassinating their opponents, promoting fundamentalism and generating a Civil War in Iraq.

They used these evil acts and legitimised them so well that turned them in to main powers of the region.

Iranian clerics always had this ability of turning sins into virtues and virtues into sins. This strategy was used and mastered first in Iran when the regime legitimised and justified every sin they committed, every sin that had been recognised as a sin. To legitimise their immoral and corrupt behaviours, the Iranian Ayatollahs disguised their sins into virtues and promoted their behaviours as a model of righteousness. The Iranian people consequently followed these behaviours and gradually all old established and recognised moral, religious, humanitarian, social, political, and cultural values and norms were completely demolished and a new set of corrupt behaviours and norms were generated and introduced into society as the new governmental values.

Validating sins became so rampant in Iran that the grandson of Khomeini announced that today in Iran there was no any difference between sin and virtue, bad and good. He added that 30 and 40 years ago it was clear in the mind of the people what was sin and what was virtue. Everybody who committed a sin accepted that he had committed a sin and therefore he felt guilty; but today there is no sense of guilt in anybody for committing any sin and everybody justifies every sin and legitimise them.

The extent of the elimination of recognised values and virtues have gone so far that today everybody agrees that there is no any read line in Iran and therefore, people feel free to do what they want without feeling guilty and having a disturbing consciences.

The Iranian regime exported the same model of behaviour and culture to all Shia communities all over the world. Seeking power and promoting Shia supremacy is the ultimate goal that could be justified by any means.

Today what we see in Lebanon is the manifestation of the Iranian model of culture, religion and political behaviour. They use the best words and phrases to justify their worst claims and actions. The Hezbollah despises the Lebanese government for being backed by the Western world while justifies its own creation and funding by the Iranian government. It blames Lebanese government for having the moral support of the Arab world but it is proud and proudly legitimatise its terrorist activities and illegal behaviour.

When it comes to the unity government, everybody thinks of a concept which is legitimate and good but what the Hezbollah means is a government that is dominated by its own ministers. The Hezbollah initially claimed their fair share in the government but after its acts of assassinations in Lebanon were rewarded, now it is claiming the ownership of whole Lebanon.

The amazing thing is that the governments of Syria and Iran are supporting Hezbollah in its claim for a unity government while the governments of Iran and Syria are minority governments in both countries. The Syrian rulers who are just about 1% of the population of Syria have ruled this country for nearly 40 years. They are allocating all political and economic powers to their small minority population.

The government of Iran represents the Farsi speaking population which are about 30% of Iranian population in terms of ethnic groups; although the majority of the Farsi speaking ethnic group in Iran have not supported this regime but if we accept they do as the Iranian regime claims, we can say that it represents only the Farsi speaking community. 70% of Iranian population are of Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Baloch, and Turkmen origins. None of them support the present government and none of them have any real representation in the present government.

The idea of unity government is an admirable idea that it must be accepted and implemented in Syria and Iran first. Those who claim the legitimacy of a concept must implement it first. If such a government is established in Syria and in Iran we will clearly see that none of the present governments or the present members of the governments would have any share in the unity government. They will be also responsible for criminal activities that they have conducted against the majority of the people they have ruled for several decades so ruthlessly.

It seems today that the Iranian regime and the Shia population of the Middle East are using the global and universal values to claim more share in powers of the governments while rejecting global and universal values when it comes to the political involvement of Sunnis in the governments of Iran and Syria.

Iran was called as part of axis of evil because of evil deeds like sponsoring terrorism, promoting fundamentalism, assassinating opponents and corrupting its political system. Now the world must not reward it for these evil deeds that have made %60 of Iranians live under poverty line and turning the region in four civil wars in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Bahrain.

®Copyright, Reza Hosseinbor, London, UK, 1.12.06

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