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Balochistan news July 07

Baluchistan news

Baluchistan People’s Front,
IranReza Hossein Borr

London, 2 Aug.07, Baluchistan People’s Front– Two Baluch young men were hanged yesterday in Zahedan, capital of Baluchistan, Iran. The news agencies reported that they were sentenced to death because of struggling against the government. The government accused them of threatening national security.

The Baluch people are engaged in an armed campaign against the government because of widespread discrimination and police brutalities in the region. The official news agencies of Iran reported that 27 Baluch have been executed, hanged or shot dead in July 07.
The Iranian government accuses insurgents of having connections with the Western powers and insurgents and the Western powers have rejected these claims. The Baluch political fighters are seeking to establish a federal system in Iran in which all Iranian people and nationalities have the right to rule themselves.

London, 31 July.07,Baluchistan People’s Front– New York Times reported on 23 July that 3300 Iranian security guards have been killed in the restive province of Baluchistan since the revolution. The New York Times quoted Iranian authorities as saying that these security forces have been killed either by drug traffickers or political fighters. Baluchistan is a Sunni dominated area and the fanatic Shia government of Iran has tried to portrait its freedom fighters as drug traffickers although there have been some armed conflict between drug traffickers and the Iranian security forces. The majority of armed struggle in Baluchistan is conducted by the Baluch fighters who have been forced to take action as a result of the regime’s brutalities and ethnic cleansing in Baluchistan.

London, 31 July.07, Baluchistan People’s Front– The Iranian authorities announced that 11 of its security forces have been killed and 9 have been critically injured near Zahedan, capital of Baluchistan by Baluch fighters on 23 July. Baztab News site quoted Iranian revolutionary guards sources as saying the Baluch fighters left the area without any casualty but Fars News Agency reported that of four Baluch fighters have been killed and six have been arrested.
Baluchistan Fighters Organization that has close links with the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran accepted responsibility for this incident and claimed that all its members have safely returned to their headquarters. The armed clash happened in Peer Suran Mountains which are unreachable by ordinary people. These mountains have been used previously by Baluch guerrilla fighters many times.

The Iranian government sent helicopters and aeroplanes to bombard these mountains but the Baluch fighters had already left the area to other safe places. The sources close to People’s Resistance Movement of Iran said that they have not been directly involved in these operations but had some links with the fighters.
After these military operations the government of Iran occupied a large area around Zahedan and imposed a kind of martial law. The witnesses said that a large number of innocent people that lived in the area have been arrested and tortured. They are likely to be forced to confess some kind of associations with the Baluch fighters and they may face execution like many others in similar cases.

London, 31 July.07, Baluchistan People’s front– There have been a series of assassinations in Baluchistan but nobody has accepted the responsibility for them. Some reports claimed that four people have been assassinated in this manner. Some sources believe that the assassinated people were killed by the Iranian security forces to arouse tribal conflicts and tensions in the region.

The Iranian government has a long history of pursuing the policy of divide and rule. A top security colonel that was arrested by the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran confessed that the regime has been involved in formulating and implementing secret policies to divide different tribes and families and incite them against each other. This man accepted that when ever the two tribes or warring factions of the same tribe reached some arrangements for peace, the security forces killed one member from each tribe and blamed it on the other side so that the killings and tensions among the Baluch people continue. He admitted that this is the official policy of the regime regarding Baluchistan and Baluch people.

London, 31 July.07, Baluchistan People’s front– Iranian officials news agency Iran reported that in this month 27 Baloch people have been killed by security forces and five have been executed or hanged in public. Last month 25 Baluch were executed in different provinces of Iran. According to Iranian authorities 700 Baluch people had received death sentences from the Iranian Supreme Court and were awaiting death. To avoid the backlash by Baluch people, the Iranian regime decided to transfer the condemned-to-death-Baluch to other provinces and executed them there.

The Iranian authorities also announced that they have arrested 1456 Baluch in May 07.
The Sunni Baluch people of Iran have been systematically deprived of their basic human rights in Iran since the beginning of the revolution. According to all surveys by the United Nations, Baluchistan is the poorest province of Iran. Unemployment is highest among all other provinces and life expectancy in Baluchistan is fifteen years less than other parts of Iran. Illiteracy is high and poverty is rampant. Ethnic cleansing is pursued quite secretly. There has not been even one minister, deputy minister, ambassador, general or any other highly ranking official from Baluchistan in the last 30 years. The process of Persianisation and Shiaeezation of the Baluch Sunni people is also underway. The regime is determined to change the identity of the Baluch people completely and the Baluch people are resisting it by all its might.

Civil campaigning is banned in Baluchistan and nobody can get involved in peaceful political activities. The Baluch people, therefore have no any other alternative but defending their identity and the land by the same tools and strategies that the opinion regime is using against them.
Baluchistan People’s Front,
IranReza Hossein Borr


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