Saturday, 2 June 2007

Serious and Deadly Human Rights Abuses in Iranian Balochistan

Appeal to UN

Mr Johan Verbeke
President of UN Security Council
New York, USA 1st June 2007

Re: Serious and Deadly Human Rights Abuses in Iranian Balochistan

Dear Mr Johan Verbeke,

We the undersigned Iranian Baloch organisations would like to express our deepest dismay and concern over the silence and ineptness exhibited by International bodies and human rights organisations in the face of Iranian regime’s recent murderous acts of arbitrary killings, summary executions and hanging of Baloch youths in Iran. Baloch people overwhelming majority of whom live in Balochistan have not only been deprived of their basic rights, but also have been subject to blatant repression, systematic discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity and religion.

The Iranian security forces shot dead a 12-year old girl called Roya Sarani in cold blood in front of her brother opposite their house in Zahedan on Sunday 24th May 2007. They also executed a 17-year old boy called Saeed Qanbarzaei in Zahedan on Wed 28th May 2007 after subjecting him to constant barbarous tortures since his arrest despite an appeal by Amnesty International. The Iranian judiciary executed further five Baloch on the following day. During the last week, the Iranian authorities in Chabahar demolished more than 100 houses that belonged to poor Baloch families in Chabahar.

Recently Dr Shahriyari, a well known racist and anti-Baloch who is currently selected member of Iranian Parliament from Zahedan, and a close ally of the President and the Judiciary announced that around 700 Baloch have been arrested and await execution. In recent weeks many of those detainees have been executed either by firing squad or by hanging in public or Clandestinely. Mindful of local anger and backlash, many of those detainees have been transferred to neighbouring provinces for the purpose of execution. Fifteen of them were executed in Khorasan province, while two were hanged in Hormozgan and one in Kerman province respectively.

As the world is occupied by the Iranian nuclear threat and its support for terrorism, the Iranian regime in Balochistan is involved in a brutal and ruthless arrest and executions of mostly educated Baloch youth under the disguise of fighting drug smuggling and so-called banditry. It is common knowledge in Balochistan that the Iranian intelligence and security forces facilitate the passage of narcotic consignments from Afghanistan through Balochistan and the rest of Iran to the western world as it was admitted by the interior minister last month.

We urge you not to remain unconcerned and indifferent while Iranian regime commits deadly human rights abuses in Balochistan. Please voice your concern and condemn the inhumane actions of the Iranian regime in Balochistan.

Balochistan National Movement (Zrombesh)
Balochistan People’s Party
Balochistan People’s Front
Balochistan United Front of Iran
Balochistan United Front (Republican)
Mobarezin Organisation of Balochistan

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