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Objectives of Jondollah operations in February 2007

Balochistan Peoples Front
Reza Hossein Borr

Objectives of Jondollah operations in February 2007

The Iranian regime can collapse easily

The Islamic Republic of Iran has portrayed an invincible image of itself, exaggerating about its military power, people power, strategy power, proxy power and religious power. To have an objective, realistic and concrete assessment of the government's claims about its invincibility, The People's Resistance Movement of Iran (Former Jondollah) organised and carried out a series of military operations against the military and security targets of the regime. These operations were carried out successfully without even one casualty in Zahedan, the centre of Baluchistan which is a militarised zone.

The success of these military operations proved:

Army power

1. The Iranian regime is more vulnerable than has been portrayed in international media.

2. The Iranian soldiers are less skilled than has been claimed.

3. The regime has less control on Iranian population than has been advertised.

4. The security forces and army are not dedicated to the Iranian regime as it has been claimed.

5. Military operations can be carried out almost everywhere in the country with full success.

6. The Iranian regime has more propaganda power than substance.

7. A small group of skilled fighters can generate a great impact on international and internal public opinion.

8. The Baluch fighters are using their own limited resources and if they have substantial support from a reliable source they can form a very strong force that can carry out huge operations, uprisings, civil campaigns, marches, protests and strikes in different parts of the country.

People's power

1. The people of Iran support a popular uprising if they are sure that the leaders of uprising are resolute in their decision and committed to success.

2. The people of Iran are prepared to join resistance movements as thousands of people have applied for membership of People's Resistance Movement of Iran.

3. The Iranian regime will collapse easily when the people realise that there is a reliable strong opposition group that can take the regime head on.

4. In spite of the government's claims the absolute majority people of Iran do not support this regime.

5. The regime has lost popularity.

6. The people have lost faith in the regime.

7. The people have realised that Islam has been used as a tool for seizing power and sustaining it.

Strategy power

1. The Iranian regime is not very competent in drawing and formulating effective strategies.

2. All the strategies that have been designed to trigger popularity among the masses have failed.

Proxy power

1. The Iranian regime has formed, trained, financed and equipped different militia to work in different provinces of Iran as well as in different countries.

2. These proxy groups in Baluchistan, Khuzistan, Kurdistan and other provinces have failed to live up to the expectations. These groups are not prepared to kill and get killed for the sake of the Iranian regime.

3. There are a lot of proxy groups in Baluchistan and regime expected them to work on their behalf for collecting information, participating in military operations and joining the army and security forces in their different operations. In practice, they have failed in the 90 percent of their objectives.

4. It seems that these groups are prepared to receive financial help to finance their families but they are not prepared to sacrifice their own selves or their families for the sake of regime they do not believe in anymore.

Religious power

1. The Iranian clerics have lost their religious influence on people.

2. The clerics have become so visibly corrupt that everybody can see their illegitimate activities.

3. Islam as a religion is losing its credibility among the Shia Muslim of Iran.

4. The clerics as a source of inspiration and guidance have lost their credibility and therefore they have become a source of discrimination and injustice.

5. Iranian people are not willing anymore to sacrifice their interests, beliefs, aspirations and objectives for the sake of the present regime.

Propaganda power

1. The Iranian regime is very strong in propaganda outside Iran.

2. Most of the success of the Iranian regime has been achieved through propaganda.

3. The Iranian regime has been successful in convincing its foreign enemies that it is too strong for them to take on.

4. The Iranian regime has been successful in convincing foreign countries that they have less power than Iran.

5. The Iranian regime has been successful in dividing international community through propaganda.

6. The Iranian regime is counting on the division among international community more than on its on power.

7. The Iranian regime has succeeded in convincing other countries that it can inflict heavy blows on them if they interfere in its affairs or its allies. But in practice it cannot do that.

If a small group can carry out huge military operations so successfully, a strong and big force can do more.

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