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News from Balochistan, February 07

Balochistan Peoples Front, 1.3.07
Reza Hossein Borr

News from Balochistan

1. Chabahar, Balochistan, Iran, Balochistan Peoples Front, 24 Feruary 2007—Three members of Iranian security forces were killed in military operations that were carried out by the Revolutionary Guards to cleanse the city of Chabahar from Baluchistan insurgents. According to Ilna news agency, several security guards were wounded and four of them were arrested by the Baluch fighters.

No organization has yet taken the responsibility for this incident but the local sources said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards organised a huge cleansing mission to dislocate a lot of indigenous people but they were faced by strong resistance by the people. The Baluch fighters who were in the area began helping the local people and consequently a shoot out began between the two sides.

The Iranian regime is carrying out a huge cleansing operation at the border areas of Iran and Pakistan to force the Baluch people of Iran to migrate to Pakistan. The Pishin area in which the incident happened is a beautiful and fertile land and the regime intends to remove the local people and transfer the ownership of the lands to its own Shia agents from other parts of Iran. The idea of ethnic cleansing in this part of Baluchistan began about the beginning of the revolution and has continued against the strong resistance of the Baluch people.

2. News of PRMI
The Peoples Resistance Movement of Iran (former Jundallah) was forced to engage in a series of military operations in February 2007 against security targets of the Iranian regime. These operations proved that the regime is vulnerable and can be defeated even in the major cities.

1. Zahedan, Balochistan, Iran, 3.2.07-- four top Iranian security forces have been killed in an armed clash between Baluch insurgents and the Iranian security forces in Zahedan, Baluchistan. The incident happened in the centre of the city at 8 PM.

2. Explosion kills 19 members of Iran's elite guards

February 15, 2007

Zahedan, Balochistan, Iran - A car bomb killed 19 members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday in the deadliest attack in years near the Pakistani border.

A Sunni Muslim militant group called Jundallah, or God's Brigade, which has been blamed for past attacks on Iranian troops, claimed responsibility for the bombing, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency.
3. Zahedan, Balochistan, Iran, 18.2.07--The Baluch fighters of the Peoples Resistance Movement of Iran (former Jundallah) exploded a sound bomb in an empty school to attract the security forces. As soon as the security forces arrived at the scene, an armed clash began between the Baluch fighters and the security forces for about two hours. The Baluch fighters returned to their bases safely. The Iranian government did not announce the number of casualties of its forces.
4. Sarawan, Balochistan, Iran, 23.2.07-- the Baluch fighters of the Peoples Resistance Movement of Iran exchanged fire with the Iranian security forces in Sarawan. The government announced three security men have been killed in this incident.

The objectives of these military operations are defined in the next paper.

The reality of the matter is that if a small group with limited resources can carry out such successful operations inside Iran, stronger and bigger groups can inflict fatal blows on the Iranian regime. The time is right for the change of the regime in Iran as the regime will never stop its terrorist policies of supporting and financing tourism, obstructing peace, expansive influence in the Middle East and interfering in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

The Iranian regime has transformed itself into a super power because of these policies.

3. Sarawan, Balochistan, Iran, Balochistan Peoples Front, 24 Feruary 2007-- Two members of security forces were killed in Hidooch, Sarawan, Baluchistan on 24. 2007, according to the local sources. Those who witnessed the battle between the Baluch fighters and the Iranian forces said that the security forces attacked a place in Hiddoch with a large number of soldiers but the local people fought back and killed two soldiers. The security forces retreated and the local armed men also left the area and returned to their safe houses in the mountains of Sarawan.

There has been several armed conflict between the fighters of Baluchistan in Sarawan and the security forces in recent weeks. Sarawan is located on the eastern part of Baluchistan and has borders with Pakistan. Nobody claimed the responsibility for this clash. Baluch political organizations sometimes refuse to take responsibility for their military operations in order to avoid further conflict with Iranian regime.

The regime tested one of its long-range missiles Shahab 3 in Hidooch. The missile was fired from a point from the Western part of Iran and travelled thousands of km to land in Hidooch few years ago. The Islamic Republic of Iran made a huge propaganda about the range and the accuracy of Shahab Missiles but it did not hit the spot that was designated for and therefore, landed few km away from the target.

4. Samirom, Esfahan, Iran, Balochistan Peoples Front, 31 January 2007-- 16 people were killed in Samirom in the central part of Iran in a 24-hours armed clash between Baluch insurgents and Iranian security forces. The Baluch fighters of Foghan Group were on their way to Tehran when they were identified by the security forces. A chase and shoot out began immediately and the Baluch fighters entered the city of Samirom to refuel their vehicle but the security forces closed on them and the shootout began and several security men were killed.

To avoid the killing of the innocent citizens, the Baluch fighters left the city while the security forces were chasing them. They entered a farm outside the city and asked the farmer for fuel or a car. The farmer later revealed that the fighters were ready to buy his car for a lot of money but he refused to sell the car and therefore, the fighters left him alone without hurting him or taking his car or his property by force. The farmer was very sympathetic to the fighters. He said that they were good people and they could have taken his car away by force but they did not. It was at this stage that the security forces arrived at the farm and the shootout began again. The security forces had armed some militias and 16 members of the militia were killed in the battle.

Four members of the fighters were also killed and three of them somehow rescued themselves and returned safely to their bases in Baluchistan. Several interviews and articles were given and written by the people of Samirom in which there were a lot of support for the fighters who tried everything to avoid the killing of innocent people. The regime took the bodies of the dead fighters naked and demonstrated them as a sort of exhibition to the people Samirom who were very infuriated to see the insult on the fighters and removing of their cloths.

5. Iranshahr, Balochistan, Iran, Balochistan Peoples Front, 31 January 2007

Three Baluch fighters were killed by security forces in Iranshahr, Baluchistan. The Baluch fighters were taken by surprise in the village of Sarkahuran when a large number of security forces attacked them, according to Iranian television. The dead fighters belonged to an armed group that had a reputation for attacking the security forces for a long time. The Iranian television said that none of the security forces were killed but the witnesses observed that the shootout continued for few hours. All the roads were closed from different directions.

Eye witnesses said that they saw the security forces were carrying some injured people in uniform. According to Iranian sources there are more than
100 armed groups in Baluchistan who are fighting for their national rights and a federal system in Iran.

6. Sarawan, Balochistan, Iran, Balochistan Peoples Front, 31 January 2007-- A young Baluch was killed in Sarawan, Baluchistan by the Iranian security forces on 31st of January 2007. The Iranian official news agency (IRNA) announced that the young man was an armed fighter but the eye witnesses said that he was an ordinary person who was living in Sarawan and he had not any connections with the Baluch fighters. The eye witnesses also said that they saw the security forces arguing with him and suddenly one of them aimed at him and shot him dead. The Iranian news agency only gave his first name as Basheer. It is the official policy of the Iranian regime to conceal the full details of the people who are shot dead or hanged in public.

The family of the killed man registered a complaint against the security forces but no one was arrested. Hundreds of Baluch people have been shot in the streets of the cities in the last 28 years and not even one security men has been arrested. The Iranian government has given security forces a Free Hand to shootout anybody they like without having any documents against them.

7. Kahnouj, Balochistan,Iran, , Balochistan Peoples Front, 31 January 2007--

Two young Baluch fighters were killed and few more have been arrested by the Iranian security forces in Baluchistan. The Iranian official news agency-IRNA- reported that the two fighters belonged to an armed group that have been fighting the Iranian regime for a number of years. The agency reported that the government officials persuaded some Baluch leaders to persuade two fighters to surrender.

Kahnouj is officially part of Kerman province. About 30 percent of Baluchistan soil is part of Kerman province to dilute the population of Baluchistan. The British officers who travelled to Baluchistan 2 centuries ago estimated the area of Baluchistan as 280 thousands skm. Now the area of Baluchistan is 180 thousand skm. Other parts of Baluchistan have been annexed to Kerman, Hormozgan and Southern Khorasan provinces.

The same agency said that four Baluch have been arrested in Southern Khorasan which has borders with Baluchistan and Afghanistan.

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