Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Justice wes sacrificed in Iran

When you allow the justice to be sacrificed, it turns against you.
ByReza Hossein Borr

When you choose silence over the execution of one person, you allow the execution of the next person to happen. When you allow the truth to be sacrificed once, you allow the truth to be sacrificed again and again.

Massacres always begin with the execution of one person and when the executioner does not receive unbearable responses, he will continue to kill again and again until the killings turns into massacres.

The international community chose to focus on the possibility of production of nuclear weapon by the Iranian regime as it may endanger people outside Iran. They never gave sufficient attention and focus to the massacres that were carried out inside Iran. The Iranian regime is not allowed to become a danger to the outside world but it is ok if it hangs 21 Iranians in one day.

When the international community did not become adequately vocal about the executions at the beginning of the revolution, the regime found out that it can continue the executions at later stages at larger scale. When the Iranian political figures and human rights activists chose to be silent on the executions of Iranians at the beginning of the revolution; they allowed the Iranian regime to extend the executions to those who have partly participated in the executions of the previous ones.

The truth is sacrificed for interests but somehow the truth manages to find those interests and destroy them. When a person makes certain calculations and weighs the merits of the truth and his own interests and concludes that his interests are more important than the truth, somehow the truth will get back to the person. The Iranian revolutionaries consciously or unconsciously participated in the execution of their opponents and again when the government found that the executions are acceptable to certain groups in Iran, it extended the executions to those who agreed to executions of the regime’s opponents before them.

Tyranny starts from the moment that you see somebody being oppressed and you do nothing about it. The tyrant uses your silence as an indication of his righteousness to oppress. The oppressed sees your silence as an indication of your satisfaction over his oppression and convinces himself that he deserved oppression. Your silence confirms the righteousness of the tyrant’s policy of oppression.

When the Western world and Arab countries did not protest strongly over the execution of the Iranian citizens, the Iranian regime concluded that it was right in what it did and therefore, concluded that it could do the same thing to others and consequently took American diplomats as hostage. When the Americans did not take any action to release their hostages, the Iranian regime concluded that it can take hostages in other countries and therefore, used its proxy agents in theMiddle East to take the Western citizens as hostage. When the Americans and the western countries did not take any action to stop the Iranian regime from taking their citizens further as hostage, the Iranian government began to plant huge bombs in different places that they were frequented by the Americans and the Western people.

The silence encouraged Iranian government to take the next step towards widening its terrorist activities. If the Americans had taken serious actions to release their diplomats, today Iran would not be an international threat to its neighbour, international community and its own people. The silence of the Americans and the Western powers allowed the Iranian regime to reach the present state of power in the Middle East.

The Americans and their allies realised from the early days of occupation of Iraq that the Iranian regime was interfering in the affairs ofIraq. They remained silent. The Iranian regime concluded that it can go one step higher. She began to train and finance the Shia groups that had close allies with. The Americans either chose to be silent or did not take any action to stop her. And Iran concluded that it can go one step further. She started training, arming and financing the Alqaedah members.

The Americans and the allies didn’t take any tangible action and the Iranian government concluded that it can take even more steps. She started arming and financing the Sunnis. Still the Americans did not take any action and therefore, the Iranian regime started killing Americans and her allies and concluded that it can practically run a large part of Iraq. This is how now the Iranian agents are governing the Southern part of Iraq which is the most important part of the country. This part of Iraq is where oil is, it is where that the country gets connected to sea, it is where the route between Baghdad and South and the rest of the country exists.

The British have withdrawn from Basra. Don’t they really know what happens in
Basra? Don’t they know that the part of the country is under full control of Iranian revolutionary guards and its agents? They do know that. But why they withdrew from
Basra then? This is the question.

The British wants Iran to have possession of the South part ofIraq. Iran has fought several wars with the Ottoman Empire to capture Basra and the holy cities of Najaf and
Karbala. Now God through the British facilitated that.

A large number of Iranian politicians are the victims of their own mistakes when they sacrificed the truth for their interests. The issue of justice was not deeply embedded in their conscience. Justice cannot survive when the truth is sacrificed. And those who allowed the justice to be sacrificed, they allowed themselves to be the target of sacrifice. They just sacrificed justice for some temporary gains.

The Americans were silent when the Iranian trained terrorists targeted Iraqis of different sects and religions. Their silence encouraged Iranian regime to target the Americans. The Americans accepted to be killed again and again and still did not take any action. This again encouraged the regime that they can continue the policy of killing not only the Iraqis but the Americans.
It was the American and the British silence that encouraged the Iranian involvement in the affairs ofIraq in the first place. The Iranians thought they were allowed to get involved and they would continue to get involved in different stages until they are stopped. Neither the Americans nor the British and their allies have stopped the Iranians from interfering in the affairs of Iraq, killing Americans and western citizens. That means that the regime can still continue to expand its involvement and interference to a greater scale.

But when enough will be enough? This, we will not know until the Americans, the British and their allies practically take some wide range actions to stop the Iranian regime. When that will happen, I cannot know now. When the Americans would stop them? The Americans and the British have some plans. They know when and where to stop the Iranian regime.
It seems that Iran is still allowed to advance further in the Arab world, but how far? We do not now that.

Reza Hossein Borr is a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs.He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World. He can be contacted by email: balochfront@aol.com www.coachingandmentoringonline.com
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