Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mass executions in Baluchistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dear Mr Dyke
Amnesty International


Mass executions in Baluchistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran

Following the Amnesty International's appeal for saving the lives of 700 Baluch who had received death sentences from the Supreme Court of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran decided to transfer the innocent Baluch people to other cities of Iran and execute them without releasing their identities.

The Iranian media reported that one Baluch has been hanged in Bandar Abbas and 15 others have been executed in Mashhad in the last two weeks. Some reliable sources claimed that the 15 hanged men in Mashhad were Baluch and from the 700 people who had already received death sentences from the Supreme Court of Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is transferring to and executing the Baluch people in different cities to conceal its policy of massacre and genocide of Baluch people. The silence of Iranian human rights activists and political parties and figures have helped the Iranian regime tremendously in following the policy of massacre and ethnic cleansing in Baluchistan. International community has been deadly silent on this issue.

Human Rights Watch and American State Department have also excluded the Baluch people's executions from their reports. The American State Department has never reported the plight of the Baluch people fully while they cover in detail the violations of human rights in other provinces of Iran and specifically women and students. This is not surprising as the Americans have always helped the enemies of Baluchistan.

But the amazement is about the Human Rights Watch. This organization has received the reports of the executions but never fully covered the issue. If the human rights organizations do not publish the plight and the executions and the genocide of the Baluch people, who is supposed to help people who cannot help themselves at this phase in their historical journey towards achieving their human rights.

We are seeking the support and help of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, United Nations and all other international organizations to stop Iran from executing innocent people of Baluchistan.

The Iranian regime has followed a systematic policy of discrimination, exclusion, humiliation and ethnic cleansing in Baluchistan since the beginning of the revolution in total secrecy, portraying the Baluch people as murderers, fundamentalists, smugglers, drug traffickers, the agents of America, collaborators with Taleban to justify the mass killing in Baluchistan. Many other organizations and some think tanks have believed the propaganda of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the oppressed and innocent people of Baluchistan and followed the same policy of distortion of the truth and discrediting the Baluch people; not knowing that how much damage they can cause to the reputation of innocent people.

The international organizations and think tanks must report the facts and not speculations; keeping in mind that their false reports can result in the executions of many innocent people in Baluchistan.

Balochistan Peoples Front
Reza Hossein Borr
London, 16 May 07

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